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Reddit user who says her boss is ‘so-so’ asks, ‘Employees of Singapore, do you have a good boss?’

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The pros and cons of having a 'super nice' boss explained by one lucky worker

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user who acknowledged that what makes a good boss is subjective wanted to hear from others if their boss is a good one.

u/appleciderv wrote on r/askSingapore that her boss is only “so-so,” and explained why.

Pros: He does not encroach into my evenings, weekends and planned leaves unless urgent. Generally okay to talk to. Considers my opinion during meetings.

Cons: Not technical in my domain, which commonly results in poor understanding of project scope. Yes-man, accept any shit task from anybody. Eager to please everybody. Doesn’t really care about my career growth. We have career conversation twice a year.

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She then wrote that she wanted to hear about other bosses, adding that she’s “never met any bosses in my career that treated me more than a resource”.

A Reddit user who likes his boss described him this way: “We have KPIs to meet is pretty chill as long as the deliverables are met on time. Scolded me (chided) for replying to him on a Sunday morning instead of waiting til Monday in the work chat (cause he was in a different time zone checking emails). Knows everything about the business and is willing to share (at length) information. Is supportive of people going in long holidays as he believes in recharging yourself, as long as Kpis are met and your work is covered.”

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Another wrote that he loves his boss. “Has my back that empowers me to really do some serious damage. The knowledge of knowing that he will never throw any one of us under the bus and yet protect us from management allowed us to do nearly 250% of our targets last year. (He of course made bank).

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I nearly quit when they transferred me under someone else then transferred me back when I stopped producing results. I started overachieving again.. and now my management leaves me alone.”

One commenter wrote that his boss is “super nice,” which for him is both a pro and a con.“Love my current boss!” another wrote.


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