SINGAPORE: A mid-30s employee recently turned to social media to inquire,  “Is it okay to quit without a job in line?”

In an anonymous post on the NUSWhispers Facebook page, the employee, who works in a general marketing/administrative role and has been with the company for three years, expressed his desire to leave his job due to “toxic bosses and an overall unhappy environment.”

“I have been sending out resumes but have received no replies from interviewers. Not sure if my asking pay is too high or if the market is indeed that bad.”

Adding personal details, he mentioned being single, financially stable with savings, and free from family financial burdens.

“Since you have enough savings and no financial burden, just quit and have a good rest”

In the comments section, netizens offered advice and shared their own experiences in the hopes of assisting the employee in making the best decision.

One netizen who quit his job without any backup plan said that even though he’s still unemployed, he doesn’t regret his decision as his mental health got better after leaving his workplace.

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He added, “For me, mental health is something that can’t be bought by monthly salary. I’m just glad that I do not have any commitments or obligations to pay off on a monthly basis.

My advice is, since you have enough savings and no financial burden, just quit and have a good rest, especially when you still have hard feelings about the company you are currently at.”

Another netizen wrote, “Just be yourself, live your life so long as you don’t ask help from your parents.”

On the other hand, some netizens believe he should wait until he finds a new job because he may deplete his savings during his unemployment period, which might drag on longer given the current state of the job market.

One netizen stated, “Find job first before leaving is usually better. Otherwise ensure you have at least 6 months savings or better even 1 year.

Depends on how long you think you might take to get back. So you still can pay for your expenses while looking for a job ASAP.”

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Another added, “Go to another company also the same. Market is bad, all bosses want businesses, too stressful.”

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