SINGAPORE: An online user working in tech took to an online forum on Sunday (April 7) to share how they feel about their industry, which they now see as a “dead-end.”

“I work in tech, there are few good positions or quality projects going around. Should I leave Singapore?” he asked.

“The project I (am working) on seems to be low impact, friends feel they could be laid off, and management is all smiles, but new projects seem to be just support work.

New offices (are) being built in cheaper regions. The people I work with are younger than me, more qualified, have a larger network, (and) I feel like I am at a big disadvantage.”

Many online users responded to his concerns and shared their two cents on the matter. A handful encouraged him to lean on the practical side and do their due diligence.

“I’d suggest you search up the economic climate in the west before deciding if you want to move there,” said one. “I’ll just say the grass always seems greener on the other side but it’s not that green actually.

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I have a friend who moved to Germany seven months ago with a visa that allows him to work, he was in big tech companies and couldn’t find a job even until today. Do more research and see if it is worthwhile.”

“Most countries will not welcome you unless you already have a job secured,” another pointed out.

“So instead of thinking of whether you should leave Singapore, why not first explore where potential overseas opportunities lie and whether you meet the corresponding immigration criteria?”

A third commented, “(I’m) in Europe now and layoff in tech is happening everywhere so not sure right now is even the right moment. Make sure to do your research.”

Still, a fourth said, “It really depends on your skill set. Try to look for a job first before you decide to leave your current one. Even the overseas job market for tech is not that great unless you are already there or have a niche skill that is in demand.

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I know people who had been looking for something but couldn’t get an overseas job cause not on the latest tech platforms and also probably age.”

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