Solar Eclipse

In a recent report, the solar eclipse has become a topic of contention among Black Americans in Texas. While some view it as a celestial event, others allege racial undertones. Conservatives argue that the eclipse has been politicized by woke activists, labeling it as racist. 

Furthermore, the debate has escalated online, with some sarcastically suggesting that even innocuous items like an egg and ham sandwich could soon be deemed racist. The controversy highlights ongoing tensions and ideological divides, raising questions about the intersection of astronomy and social discourse.

According to Capital B News, as a once-in-a-generation total solar eclipse approaches Texas, the Lone Star state anticipates an influx of 4 million tourists, promising a significant economic boost. 

However, preparations have disrupted life for many Black residents in metro areas like Austin, Dallas, and Houston, where emergency declarations are in effect. Concerns about traffic jams, price gouging, and power outages loom large, amplifying fears stemming from past natural disasters. 

Despite the excitement among some, disparities persist, with only 3% of astrophysics and astronomy professionals being Black.

Woke Americans claiming solar eclipses are “racist” 


Following that, conservatives are in fact finding statements like these hilarious as everything is labeled as racist nowadays. The roads people drive on, bridges, being on time, coffee are all deemed as something problematic to the woke crowd. 

X users discuss that the victim mentality will ruin American communities as they would not work to achieve things. Furthermore, an X user claims that when America was actually racist against their Black counterparts, there were those who managed to break the barriers and achieve. 

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