SINGAPORE: For the child free of a certain age, the question of who’ll take care of them in their later years will inevitably come up. One local Reddit user decided to crowdsource answers to this question, asking those who are single what they plan to do in the future.

I am an only child and don’t plan to get married in the future. The only concern that I have to live a single life is how do I deal with health crisis in the future. Who is going to make decisions for me if one day I knock my head and forget about everything? What if I get dementia and can’t function properly anymore? My best friends are married and they have their own families to take care of, other friends are those who come and go in my life so I won’t bank on these friends,” wrote u/Ill-Newspaper-682 on r/askSingapore on Sunday (Apr 30).

One commenter answered this way: “Well I often wonder about how other single Singaporeans might be open to the idea of an old single folks community living situation? Kinda like living with your pals and grow old together and look out for each other kinda situation.”

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“Much better than an old folks home,” another agreed.

“A senior shared that 3 others seniors moved to live with her in 1 flat. I supposed they rent out the other 3 flats and share the expenses with the rental,” a commenter wrote.

A Reddit user offered this practical advice: Set up a power of attorney with a trusted lawyer.

Others said that certain types of retirement homes are a viable option.

“With the money you’ve saved from not having children, my guess is that you’re set for life shaking leg at your local kopitiam making friends left and right. You won’t be ever alone,” another chimed in.


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