SINGAPORE: A Reddit user asked about recession-proof jobs in Singapore, aside from those in the public sector.

Many locals on the platform were quick to chime in and answer the question posed by u/proscuittojane on r/askSingapore on Friday (Apr 28).

“Healthcare and funeral industry” was one much-upvoted comment.

“Healthcare is so weather-proof that even if u are dead beat dead weight lazy POS, u will still be gainfully employed,” agreed one.

“yeah i dont think a doctor ever ever has to worry about getting a job. I’m actually so jealous,” wrote another.

“Funeral industry. No matter how the economy is doing, people still need to die. And I’m only half trolling,” a Reddit user chimed in.

“basically all the jobs that was still running when we had our circuit breakers,” one opined, adding, “the true gems of a job cleaners, garbage disposal, healthcare workers. basically jobs that people disrespected, and suddenly lo and behold, much more needed than a content generator or social influencer.”

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Another wrote that being a divorce lawyer is recession-proof.

Some voted for SBS employees, especially bus captains.

One said “social workers,” although another pointed out their low salary.

Others voted for “Teachers,” “Aircon repair and cleaners,” and “security officers.”

Another observed, “I feel logistic, supply chain, biopharma and somewhat recession -proof. But with the situation nowadays, its very difficult to be in a completely recession proof sector. Other than just considering the sector itself, we also need to factor in things such as age. Without a doubt that age is also a contributing factor when leadership decides to retrench individuals.”

But another Reddit user disagreed. “As someone who works in the logistics / supply chain industry, we are not recession-proof. e.g. Less volumes from trade or consumptions = less staff required = retrenchment. Less demand for our services = lower prices and less profits = retrenchment.”       


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