Singapore—A tweet from popular Palestinian-Israeli video blogger Nuseir Yassin, wherein he declared that “Government is good,” not only once but twice, has been getting a lot of attention online.

Many people commented on his apparent naïveté and lack of nuance in his tweet, and others asked him to stop meddling in other countries’ affairs.

On Dec 4, the Singapore-based Palestinian-Israeli vlogger tweeted this:

The tweet went viral, being quoted and retweeted almost 7,000 times.

But it did not go over well with many netizens, who felt that his perspective on government was overly simplistic, and who poked holes in the points he made in the tweet.

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One netizen took exception at the point he made concerning ‘smart’ versus ‘average.’

Some answered Nas point for point:

Some netizens said they once admired Nas, but are now disillusioned.

Netizens from different countries weighed in, but many of the critics of Nas’ tweet seemed to come from the Philippines, who were not very happy with the interview on his podcast with former world boxing champion turned senator Manny Pacquiao, which came out on the same day, and where he and Mr Pacquiao discussed Philippine politics.

The former boxer was recently said to be mulling over making a bid for the presidency of the Philippines in the 2022 elections.

Mr Pacquiao, an avowedly religious man, has defended the death penalty and made his anti-LGBTQ stance clear, which many have found to be worrisome.

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One netizen called Nas out for the lack of nuance in his tweet, to which the vlogger replied, “If you’re looking for nuance, get off twitter!”

Nas also told the netizen that he’s a firm believer in meritocracy, which other netizens found ironic.

At least one netizen asked Naz to “stop meddling in other countries.”

Phoemela Bumarda, @futaccaph wrote, “Stop meddling in other countries politics  @nasdaily. better continue your travel vlogs and hands off our country. You are doing more harm than any good. Your privileged positive vibes mindsent wont save us from our government that kills and steals from its own people.”


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Nas discusses fake news issue with K. Shanmugam in podcast


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