SINGAPORE: After seeing a man repeatedly shout and scold a young woman who had accidentally stepped on his leg on an MRT train, one Reddit user asked, “What’s the most obnoxious behavior you have personally witnessed here in Singapore?”

u/SkyDeepLoh wrote on r/askSingapore on Tuesday (Sept 12) that a few weeks ago, he saw a man who had difficulty walking board the Downtown Line train, muttering “to himself about how the MRT sucks as he tried to seat himself down on the reserved seat”. As it was around 7 am, the train was full. A woman accidentally stepped on the man’s leg, which caused him to scream.

“He proceeded to call her names and said sh** like ‘you step on my leg very painful, you blind is it?’ and many other things along those lines, basically trying to frame it such that she was guilty and doing it purposefully. when nobody responded to him for 1 min, he continued instigating and went on to verbally bash her for another good 2 mins, this time in Chinese because ‘you don’t understand English is it?’” the post author wrote.

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He later described the woman as “traumatized” by the situation.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with all these self-entitled mofos who think the world revolves around them sia. I would love to hear your personal experience with some of these siaolangs (crazy people) in SG.”

Many fellow Reddit users shared their stories.



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