International Asia Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital sends surprise gift package to lady who transformed...

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital sends surprise gift package to lady who transformed hospital gown to streetwear

Netizens congratulate her on her medical results, the awesomeness of her streetwear and the hospital’s kind gesture.




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Singapore – On April 15, a Redditor posted an outfit featuring a hospital gown that garnered over 19,000 upvotes. The gown used was from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital where the lady, who goes by the handle Geometrieva, went for a checkup.

Geometrieva wowed many when she was able to turn a boring hospital gown into a fashion statement by adding a tactical belt and bag.

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Almost two weeks later, Geometrieva posted a WDYWT (What Did You Wear Today) update which said, “My MRI results arrived… it’s a gown! They actually gave me the gown, guys!!”

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“This package arrived at the office today, addressed to me,” wrote Geomtrieva in imgur.

Photo: IMGR screengrab

The care package included some premium tea bags, brass straws, a letter, and some hospital gowns.

Photo: IMGR screengrab

Photo: IMGR screengrab

The letter, which was stamped by Mr Stephens Lo, CEO of Mount Elizabeth, had the embossed note saying, “Thank You for the honour of allowing us to care for you and your family.”

Added in personal handwriting were, “Dear Nina, we are delighted that you liked our Hospital gown. Please accept the full set of gowns with our compliments (brand new of course) to complete the look, together with a few other surprises! Enjoy!”

Photo: IMGR screengrab

It was only natural that Geometrieva went right into modelling her new items. See her latest Instagram posts below:

She thanked Reddit for making the gowns famous which made the hospital see her streetwear. “Reddit you did it!!! You made the gown famous, so Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital saw the post and mailed their gowns to me!” said Geometrieva. “I owe you guys! I hereby swear to repay my debt by posting a f*ckton of gown outfits on my Instagram,” she added.

She also mentioned that her MRI turned out fine. “Life is great.”

Netizen VioletLword commented on how Geometrieva’s pictures should be used in the changing rooms of the hospital for patient reference.

Photo: Reddit screengrab

Others were quick to congratulate her medical results, the awesomeness of her streetwear and the hospital’s kind gesture.

Photo: Reddit screengrab

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