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Morning Digest, July 1

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Joel Choo proposes marriage to his girlfriend of 10 years with gigantic 1000-carat jewel ring at Mount Fuji


Photo: IG screengrab/ Joel Choo

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram reel, the recently engaged Joel Choo showed his followers how he practised his proposal to his girlfriend of 10 years. The video snippet showed Choo asking the cameraman to take a video of him in the gym kneeling, holding a kettlebell as a substitute for the ring.

The video eventually transitioned to the couple in Mt. Fuji, where Choo officially knelt and jokingly brought out a ring, the same size as the kettlebell, but now with a gigantic jewel in the middle.

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Residents highlight concerns in rising cost of living during People’s Alliance first walkabout


Photo: Facebook screengrab / thereformparty

SINGAPORE — The People’s Alliance held its first-ever combined walkabout, which included representatives from four component parties: the Reform Party, People’s Voice, People’s Power Party, and the Democratic Progressive Party.

Leaders from each of these parties, namely Kenneth Jeyaretnam (RP), Lim Tean (PV), Goh Meng Seng (PPP), and Hamim Aliyas (DPP) introduced their new alliance to the public at Ang Mo Kio GRC, Tampines GRC, and Jalan Besar GRC.

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“So unfair” — Netizens question why selfish biker was given only a warning for parking in car slot when “for car, straight away give fine!”


Image: FB screengrab / Singapore Incidents / CK Chan

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans are questioning why a selfish biker was allegedly only given a warning for taking up a whole car parking slot after an online user shared a photo of the ticket left on the vehicle.

An online user took to a Facebook group on Wednesday (June 28) to share a photo of a motorbike taking up a car parking slot. “Selfish biker, OBG got a fine ticket,” the post read. And upon closer inspection, many other online users pointed out that the piece of paper left on the bike was just a warning.

“What kind of work-life balance?” — Netizens question job offer with 12-hour shift on weekdays


Image: FB screengrab / Complaint Singapore

SINGAPORE: After a netizen shared a screengrab of a job offer, a handful of others questioned where in the offer could the so-called “work-life balance” be seen, given that the weekday working hours listed ran for 12 hours.

An anonymous netizen took to a Facebook group on Wednesday (June 28) to share a screengrab of a job offer. Though the advertised position was not included in the screengrab, something else caught people’s attention.



‘Poor workmanship, poor finishing…’ — Resident says her BTO is unacceptable



SINGAPORE: A woman unhappy with the finishing on her BTO unit showed the flaws in a reel she posted online.

“Unacceptable BTO,” wrote Ms Jess Choo on a video clip she posted on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Wednesday (June 28), adding, “Poor workmanship, poor finishing.

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