Chee Soon Juan highlights low-hanging wires at Bukit Batok, calls out ‘shoddy management’


Photo: FB screengrab/ cheesoonjuan

Singapore — Longtime opposition leader Chee Soon Juan, who has been very active on the ground at Bukit Batok for a number of years now, again drew attention to a potentially dangerous problem in the area.

Moreover, he criticised the management there, calling it “shoddy.”

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Crocodile spotted at Sg Buloh, curious hikers got ‘too close’


Photo: FB screengrab/Easan Sathiyalingam

Singapore — A photographer who witnessed a potentially dangerous encounter between a crocodile and park visitors urges people to respect animals and give them their space.

The photographer, a Facebook user, shared his experience with the Sungei Buloh Nature Park Network Flora & Fauna page. He said he didn’t mean to scare anyone but just to send a message to others.

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Man suing own child for exposing his affair, child asks for advice, “I… have no idea what to do”


Photo: Unsplash/Michal Matlon (for illustration purposes only)

Singapore — A netizen recently wrote a post on the NUSWhispers Facebook page seeking advice because they believed they’ve “reached the lowest point” of their life.

“I recently found out that my father was cheating on my mother. Not only did he not feel any remorse over his action, he pushed the blame on me since I was the one who exposed his affair,” an anonymous contributor wrote on the site on Dec 23.

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‘Snowdrop’ featuring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo under fire over political & historical content


Photo: AsianWiki screengrab/snowdrop

South Korea — Snowdrop, a highly anticipated JTBC drama starring Jung Hae-in (from Netflix’s military drama D.P.) and BLACKPINK member Jisoo, has come under fire for allegedly misrepresenting history.

According to the South China Morning Post, Disney+ chose a period romance for its first foray into Korean content. Regrettably, for the global streaming giant, the show’s airing drew criticism for its distorting historical events.

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When the God from the Gutter Gets Old


It’s officially Christmas Eve, and I’ve already started having to attend the various celebrations that one has to go to as part of the corporate scene. Company lunch and Middle Eastern restaurant were excellent, and I left the place rolling — so much for the year’s efforts to look that bit slimmer.

I love Christmas, or at least I love the good food and opportunities to drink. If I were in Europe, the highlight would be the family goose, which my mother has turned into an art form (or as the Evil Young Woman said when I brought her back for Christmas – “Oh Grandma cooks good”). I’m not big on presents, but I guess that comes from the fact that I’ve been into shopping — never understood the thrill of owning things.

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