Several weeks have passed since Matthew Perry’s unexpected death at his residence, leaving Hollywood in a state of shock and sadness. His demise deeply affected the entertainment industry, particularly those associated with the iconic TV series ‘Friends,’ where Perry portrayed the beloved character Chandler Bing. He had openly discussed grappling with addiction during his time on the show.

Following the autopsy, it was revealed that Perry’s passing resulted from “acute effects of ketamine” following an incident where he drowned in his home’s jacuzzi. Reports following this discovery suggested that he had been struggling with drug addiction, which continued until his death. Various sources, privy to insights from individuals close to him, have indicated his ongoing battle with substance abuse.

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Perry and dating apps

One account, in particular, has drawn significant attention. Reports, notably from The Daily Mail, alleged that Perry may have resorted to using dating apps to procure drugs. According to these reports, he engaged with young women, aged between 21 and 25, possibly seeking access to painkillers like Oxycontin, among other substances.

An undisclosed source mentioned to the newspaper, “He would go out with them and then say, ‘Can you get me something?’” In this manner, he did not mention that it was for his personal use, but rather treated it as a pain reliever..  After these relationships concluded, he would reportedly move on to others.

Perry’s behaviour was unchecked

Questions arose regarding why Perry’s behavior went unchecked. The unnamed source highlighted the limitations within his home environment, emphasizing that unlike rehabilitation facilities, security personnel and nurses lacked the authority to search visitors for drugs.

“While they were at his home, their abilities didn’t mirror those of a rehab center. They were unable to conduct thorough searches or screenings on visitors,” the source explained.

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