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SINGAPORE: A man went to social media with a warning on a fuel price increase, saying, “Don’t pump at Caltex!!!! 95 already $3.03SGD.”

While he was shocked by the price, comments quickly suggested that the price is lower in JB. One shared, “JB STILL $0.68.” Another replied: “drive there to purposely pump is more expensive.”

Talking about the price of petrol in JB, another shared saying, “My neighbour just got fine $500 yesterday for flouting the 3/4 tank rule. He goes JB pump once a week. Maybe govt losing too much Petrol tax $.” This was replied by another with tips to make the trip worthwhile saying, “When u go in JB .pump petrol,wash car ,eat buy groceries and do shopping than it’s worth it.”

One asked about discounts: “Question brothers.. normally i pump fuel at spc coz got 15% disc. Does other fuel stns also give disc? Thank you” Answering his question, another user gave an alternative saying, “others 5 or 10% discount. Better choice is SPC or Sinopec my opinion personally.”

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User Keith Lee jokingly added, “Give us an alternative 1st!! Quick!! I’m reaching a Caltex kiosk already!!”

Fuel Price Breakdown

The Straits Times on Aug 19, 2023, showed a breakdown of fuel prices before discounts: Diesel prices ranged from $2.56 at SPC to $2.61 at Caltex, Esso, and Shell. For the commonly used 92-octane petrol, prices varied between $2.81 (SPC) and $2.87 (Caltex). If you preferred 95-octane petrol, you’d find prices ranging from $2.85 (SPC) to $2.92 (Caltex and Shell).

They also predicted that the 95-octane petrol would hit $3 a litre if prices continued to climb by September. And they were right!

Here are the updated fuel prices as of Sept 18, 2023:

Fuel Products

Regular 92 with Techron

    • Before Site Discount: S$2.980
    • After Site Discount: S$2.831

Premium 95 with Techron

    • Before Site Discount: S$3.030
    • After Site Discount: S$2.879

Platinum 98 with Techron

    • Before Site Discount: S$3.690
    • After Site Discount: S$3.506

Caltex Diesel with Techron D

    • Before Site Discount: S$2.790
    • After Site Discount: S$2.651
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Although fuel prices continue to rise, you can still take advantage of promotions to keep up with your budget. You can find these discounts on the CaltexGO app.

Affordable Fuel Options with CaltexGO

Until Dec 31, 2023, OCBC cardholders are eligible for exclusive discounts at Caltex. Whether you’re a new user or not, you can check these for a more budget-friendly refuel:

  • New CaltexGO Users: Receive an impressive 25% upfront discount on your initial payment.
  • Other OCBC Cardholders: You can enjoy discounts ranging from a substantial 18% to a helpful 14% when using the CaltexGO app for fuel transactions.