SINGAPORE: A man who seemed to have fallen prey to a love scam took to social media asking if there was any way he could recover the S$10,000 he transferred to his ex-girlfriend.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the man wrote that he was days away from proposing to his ex-girlfriend. He said that his ex-girlfriend has “this avoidant dismissive personality. She dreams to be a tai tai and I have no issues with that. She recently quit her job and wanted me to temporarily support her. I couldn’t provide much but I would offer to pay for meals, etc. on top of that, she expects me to pay for almost everything because she’s “not working””.

The man wrote that he and his ex-girlfriend often quarrelled about money because they had differing views. He felt that experiences were more important to him than just money. The man wrote that one day, his girlfriend told him she would feel more secure if he gave her some money to keep, but he was hesitant.

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Since he was days away from their proposal, he transferred her everything he had, which was S$10,000. “One day, she told me that she would feel more secure if I were to put some money with her. I was super hesitant but one night, thinking that I would spent the rest of my life with this girl (days away from proposal and house paid for already), I trf her everything I had >$10k and only kept $1k for my own expenses”, the man wrote.

After receiving the money, the next day, the woman said she wanted a break-up and told the man that the S$10,000 he transferred her was a gift. The man wrote: “The very next day she wanted a break up and insisted that the money was a gift to her. In my WhatsApp message, I had explicitly stated that this money is for our wedding, house, Reno, etc. I really want back the money and think that she’s a gold digger but she claims she isn’t. Can anyone advise what can be done?”

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The man asked other netizens for advice and said he wanted his money back. Most netizens who commented on the man’s post advised him to make a police report and try to recover his money. /TISG