A woman working in the office with laptop on the table.

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media complaining about a coworker who refused to give her space. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she found her coworker extremely clingy. She added that she was 100 per cent sure he was not interested in her. “Our roles are completely different so seldom will there be a need for us to work together. But… He follows me everywhere I go, wants to know my whereabouts, even when I go to the washroom”.

The woman wrote that she was an introvert and usually ate meals on her own but said that he insisted on joining her. “He buys me meals without even checking if I’ve my own meals, using his passive aggressive methods to get me to eat the food he bought. When I reject politely, he gets upset and complains that I’m picky and being difficult. To avoid him, I quietly leave the office for lunch without telling him. Somehow he found out and was really upset”.

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She continued: “Recently he got so comfortable that he makes inappropriate jokes about me and other colleagues. He jokes about relationships, our clients and work. To make it stop, I gave him a very stunt (sic) look and he was offended. He blames me for not paying attention to him”. The woman added that he would always ask her for answers he could easily get himself and has recently started hovering around her desk to see what she was up to. “It is getting too much…it might sound silly but I feel tired going to work because of him. How do I stop this?” she asked others in the group.

One netizen who commented on the post wrote: “Maybe you are too sensitive, he may not be interested in you in that way you have thought. He might just find your working productive and can be platonic colleague to cooperate effectively. I’m an aggressive sales woman, so when I come across a salesman or sales manager or director or bosses who are very sales driven, I’m very cooperative and would like to work with them effectively to earn great sales. I have never thought they are interested in me or whatsoever, we just can joke and laugh happily as long as we did great jobs. I always buy meals for them and same as they did, I’m always very happy when they come to talk to me inan overwhelming manners cos we are only talking about work and no other thoughts.

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So maybe you should change your thinking. In job field, and my advice to all women, as I’m woman as well, unless you are business woman, otherwise you will always think that every man wants to chat you up or harresment (sic) etc…. in workplace , men will normally not harress you for whatever reasons you thought they are interested in you, they only keen in work this shows some attention to you that’s all, no other meaning”.