SINGAPORE: A man took to social media complaining about the employer of a part-time job he was hired for.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man asked other netizens if there was a list of part-time jobs to avoid. He explained that he had been working part-time at a studio and said the boss was “super long winded, rude and sacarstic. She treat everyone like a dummy, told us what to do from Step A to Z and kept repeating. When someone suggested a certain way to do things faster and more efficient, she will say things like ‘just follow what I said, i am here to tell you how to do things fast’ but end up lecturing us saying we do so slow (using her method)”.

The man added that the woman would fire workers just because they used their phones for a while, even if this did not affect their work. “Isn’t it normal for people to take a short break(just a quick check on phone) from the continue(d) hours of working. It’s understandable to fire if the person causes delay in work, but everything was on track and even faster than the expected schedule. I honestly feel she just wan(ts) to find excuse(s) to cut manpower since the production are (sic) done faster, completing earlier. She could’ve say things nicely and explain she wan(ted) to reduce the manpower instead of blaming the person using some lousy excuse”, the man wrote.

He added that the quality of the woman’s items was all very bad, with defects and damages. He said she would not put damaged goods aside but tell workers to continue packing them so she did not suffer any losses.
Netizens who commented on the man’s post had mixed views: “I have been on both sides of this job situation. It’s not likely that you can prove that the suggestion is faster. You could be cutting corners. The boss definitely knows more than you, you only think you know more. This is a temp job; since the boss does not expect you to be faster when following her method, just follow her method. You are not paid more to improve the process. Using the phone on the job is common sense, don’t be so obvious about it like it is your entitlement. It reflects badly on the boss if you are using your phone while doing the job. Use the phone on your breaks, not in front of the boss. It is unprofessional”, one commented. Another netizen wrote: “Sounds like there might be reasonable grounds for unfair dismissal”. /TISG
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