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Katie Hallum, a University of Oklahoma student grappling with a rare kidney disease, got another lease on life when she received a heartwarming kidney donation from the TikTok video she posted online.

What started as a humorous video took a turn when Savannah Stallbaumer, a viewer, became the real-life savior Hallum desperately needed.

TikTok video

In July 2022, Hallum turned to the popular social media platform with a creative plea for help. Using her comedic flair, she posted a video lip-syncing to a scene from “The Mandalorian,” humorously suggesting that she needed someone with O blood type and healthy kidneys. Little did she know that among the thousands of viewers, Stallbaumer would not only watch the video but would also step up to the challenge.

Commenting with a simple “How do I get tested?” Stallbaumer’s inquiry marked the beginning of an incredible journey. Months of testing later, it was revealed that Stallbaumer was a perfect match for Hallum’s much-needed kidney transplant.

A new kidney

Opting for a surprise announcement, Stallbaumer met Hallum in person at a local restaurant. Holding up a sign that read “BREAKING NEWS: You’re getting a new kidney,” Stallbaumer cleverly acknowledged Hallum’s role as a radio station reporter. The sign revealed that the transplant was scheduled for Aug. 17, 2023.


Hallum, deeply moved by Stallbaumer’s selflessness, described the experience as “incredibly humbling.” The transplant took place as scheduled on Aug. 17, and Hallum reported positive feedback from her doctors regarding the development and recovery progress.

The heartening saga didn’t conclude with the successful transplant. Hallum and Stallbaumer became close friends, with Stallbaumer  receiving an invitation to spend Christmas with Hallum’s family.

In a world  dominated by negative headlines, this tale of compassion and connection reminds us that hope can be found in the most unexpected places— like a TikTok video.

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