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Man says he was ‘stuck in jam to JB for 9+ hours’

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A man says he was stuck in a traffic jam for more than nine hours while travelling to Johor Bahru on Sept 1

SINGAPORE: Have you also been stuck in traffic when you were heading to Johor? A man said he was ‘stuck in jam to JB for 9+ hours’!

Eddy Wayne shared his harrowing experience of being stuck in traffic for over nine hours on the Second Link to JB on Sept 1.

He posted on Complaint Singapore saying, “Stuck in jam to JB for 9+ hours on Friday 01 Sept. 2nd link. Soul destroying. Worst ever jam in my 20 years of going JB. Please learn from my mistake and avoid going to JB on long weekends. Or on all weekends actually.”

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Eddy Wayne facebook post on Johor bahru traffic
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore

Ong Kai Wai commented that the jam was partly caused by those who cut the queue. He explained how cars always cut into bus and lorry lanes and then cut back near the Customs. If the car in front keeps letting them cut back to the normal queue, then others can suffer in traffic.

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Lee Kok Liang shared that he didn’t experience much traffic the other day when he was travelling early in the morning.

Comments from Eddy Wayne's post about traffic in Johor bahru
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore

Irene Chong shared many people experience heavy traffic but still go to Johor anyway.

Liz Lun, wise enough to avoid the stress of traffic, said: “I avoided going JB for many years already.”

Reason for heavy traffic in Johor Bahru on Sept 1

It’s a well-known fact that when there’s a long weekend, Singaporeans flock to Johor Bahru (JB).

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The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had already warned of long wait times during the holiday period, and the rush started even before September 1 this year.

Polling day added to the early getaway, causing massive queues at the JB Checkpoint.

The resulting traffic jam on the Causeway lasted hours, with journeys to JB reportedly taking up to 160 minutes around 10:42 AM. Traffic cleared on the return to Singapore, but the road to JB remained congested.

Remember, safe driving not only gets you to your destination but also helps reduce long hours of traffic and conflicts on the road.

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