Singapore – A 39-year-old man was arrested by the police for a rash act causing hurt to a Domino’s Pizza outlet employee on Friday (Dec 25).

On Saturday (Dec 26), Facebook user Cheryl Guat Eng Peh took to Complaint Singapore’s page to share video footage of the incident that was received through WhatsApp.

“Happened at West Coast Domino’s. Please share and let this video be viral,” urged the concerned individual. The netizen noted a young manager was assaulted, punched numerous times and pulled by the hair by an older man.

According to the timestamp of the videos taken from what appeared to CCTV camera footage, the incident happened at about 3:50 pm on Dec 25.

One of the videos shows a man in a maroon shirt repeatedly punching the manager as the latter tried to shield his face from the blows.

Photo: FB screengrab/Cheryl Guat Eng Peh

The assailant then grabbed the manager by the hair and pulled him out of the office area.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Cheryl Guat Eng Peh

Footage from another angle shows the man in maroon pulling the manager by the hair.

Photo: FB screengrab/Cheryl Guat Eng Peh

The caption of the post states that assailant was a “bullied Domino’s rider.”

The police were alerted to the incident, highlighting the 23-year-old manager was conscious when taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. The fight was confirmed to have taken place at 505 West Coast Drive, reported

Police investigations are ongoing.

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ByHana O