Singapore – A video has gone viral of a cyclist who is distracted by a collision between two heavy vehicles and who then crashes into a car.

On Saturday morning (Dec 26), two heavy vehicles were in a collision along Yishun Avenue 1. One of the drivers fled from the scene. Later, the owner of one of the vehicles took to social media to seek video footage of the collision.

Following the incident, Facebook page SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) uploaded a video of another accident that happened later near the two heavy vehicles.

The video, which has been uploaded on YouTube, shows a cyclist passing the accident scene and taking out his mobile phone to film the scene.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante

As the man continues cycling, he is shown glancing back at the accident scene.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante

The footage then shows the cyclist crashing into the back of a Toyota Vios further ahead and falling onto the road.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante

In an update, SGRV uploaded photos of the damage caused by the second collision. The rear windscreen of the Vios was shattered. It said the cyclist had left and that the owner of the vehicle had made a police report.

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The video has more than 91,000 views and 4,800 shares on Facebook. Members of the online community have called on the authorities to take the cyclist to task, as cases of errant cyclists have been circulating online.

It should be noted that in August 2020, the Active Mobility Act was revised to improve safety on the use of devices such as bicycles and electric scooters.

Cyclists and users of personal mobility devices are banned from holding and using a mobile communication device while riding on a public path. Riders are only allowed to use their devices if they are mounted or used in a hands-free manner.

Violators could face a fine amounting up to S$1,000 or up to three months in prison for the first offence. The punishment will be doubled for subsequent offences.


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ByHana O