Singapore — A couple, Wan Farah Shireen Abu Hassan, 33, and her then-boyfriend Aloysius Hoe Wei Peng, 40 attacked a GrabFood delivery rider in Punggol on Feb 3, 2020, at around 7:30 pm.

The rider, Daniel Seah, 31, had cut in between the two as they were walking on the link bridge at Waterway Point.

When Farah shouted at Mr Seah: “Do not know how to say ‘excuse me’!” Mr Seah got off his bike, asked why she shouted at him, and wondered aloud if she was suffering from premenstrual syndrome, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Daphne Jazreen Chee in a report in The Straits Times.

The couple then started cursing the rider while Farah slapped his head. Hoe kicked Mr Seah in the stomach and threw his GrabFood backpack at him.

Mr Seah did not retaliate, but just raised his hand up to protect himself, but Farah continued kicking him and swinging her handbag at him multiple times.

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She continued to attack him even after a security officer from the nearby mall arrived,  causing Mr Seah’s nose to bleed. He was later taken to hospital.

The assault was captured on the surveillance camera installed at the link bridge.

“The assault was one-sided, as the accused continued hitting (Mr Seah) in spite of his lack of retaliation,” said DPP Chee, seeking six months’ jail for Farah.

Farah was sentenced on Tuesday to four months and four weeks’ jail for a total of four offences, including voluntarily causing hurt and using a debit card she didn’t own.

Six other charges, including causing harassment, were taken into consideration in her sentencing.

Hoe had already been sentenced to three weeks’ jail and fined S$800 on Aug 31 this year, for one count each of assault, fighting in a public place and mischief.

Multiple offences reported

In addition to attacking Mr Seah, Farah had also used a debit card that did not belong to her. She and a friend, Amirul Afifi Zaimy, 28, found a POSB PAssion debit card and used it to spend $160 at the Giordano store and Guardian pharmacy.

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They also tried buying an S$899 bicycle fork, but the transaction failed. No restitution has been made so far.

Hoe had previously worked as a safe distancing ambassador and was also convicted for cursing at a pet store manager, He Jun, 48, who was not wearing a mask on Dec 16, 2020.

Hoe was then stationed at Yishun Central 1, and it happened, while he was being investigated for the assault in Punggol. Hoe and Mr He got into a punching match, with Mr He throwing a stone lion figurine at Hoe.

Farah’s punishment could have been even more severe. For making dishonest transactions using a debit card that was not hers, she risked being imprisoned for up to 10 years as well as fined. For voluntarily causing hurt, she could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to S$10,000. /TISG

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