Singapore – A food delivery rider took to social media to request customers to provide clearer address details after failing to deliver an order with “Punggol Garden, Punggol Central” as the destination.

On Tuesday (Dec 22), Facebook user Matin See took to Complaint Singapore’s page to highlight a request for customers to input their addresses clearly to avoid failed delivery attempts. “Next time, if you want to order food, learn how to indicate your address and don’t be lazy!” wrote Mr See. “Don’t sabotage rider and make him go round wasting time and petrol and in the end earn nothing.”

“Always remember that we riders are also earning a living during this tough period and we also got family to feed.”

Mr See uploaded a screenshot of the order request with a delivery address stating “Punggol Garden, Punggol Central.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Another screenshot attached was from GrabFood noting the order was completed without successful delivery. “As we’ll have to refund unfairly charged parties, your payment for this transaction and the order value will be reversed from your wallet,” noted the feedback advisory.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

In another comment, Mr See uploaded a photo of his conversation with GrabFood customer support regarding the items’ disposal, which is the protocol before tagging the order as complete.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Members from the online community who are fellow delivery riders shared the same sentiments. “I understand how you feel,” wrote one Kylie Karl. “Some customers put the wrong block and the wrong postal code. Some like yours only put a street name, no unit number.”

He explained that the rider would call the customer for clarifications, but there were instances when they did not respond. They answer, “sorry I was taking a shower or bring my dog for a walk,” the netizen noted.

“Some of these customers don’t give full address, and don’t pick up their calls at all,” said Facebook user Melissa Chia.

Others noted it wasn’t too difficult to give the actual address to allow the rider to send the order on time. “Don’t make people’s lives difficult,” said Facebook user Catherine Tay.

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Meanwhile, many wondered why the GrabFood app would accept incomplete customer details. “To be honest, I feel that Grab should not accept any address that does not contain the full address such as a unit number. This would be convenient for riders, and it is also fair for riders to not get penalized for customer’s mistakes,” said Facebook user Adelynn Amy.

Some customers mentioned that they would indicate their complete address in the notes section or send a follow up message to the driver after order placement whenever the app does not accept the details in the address section.

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