Singapore — A road dispute captured by dashcam footage has gone viral online. It is a quarrel between a motorist and a motorcylist, with the latter shouting “f*** you lah” and raising his middle finger at the driver.

On Monday (Dec 21), the driver took to YouTube to share footage of the incident that was captured by the car’s dashboard camera.

The driver used the YouTube handle “Eski Schitzer” to upload the video, explaining what had happened at the junction of Central Boulevard and Marina Gardens Drive at about 12.20 pm on Sunday (Dec 20).

The post said the motorcyclist kept in the right turn lane but rode straight ahead not once but twice. The first occasion was at the junction of Central Boulevard going into Marina Gardens Drive and the second was at the next junction going into Bayfront Avenue.

“Tried to reason with him but he just started getting abusive, hurled vulgarities and flipped the bird,” said “Eski Schitzer”. “Should keep arrogant and oblivious punks like these off the roads for the safety of others,” the post added.

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The original, trimmed clip has been circulating on numerous social media platforms such as Singapore Uncensored, and SG Road Vigilante.

“Eski Schitzer” uploaded the full video clip on Wednesday (Dec 23), including captions on what was going on.

The full video shows the motorcyclist going straight from the right-turn lane. The driver rolls down the window to inform the motorcyclist and his pillion rider that he was signalling to turn right. However, he received the middle finger and a “f*** you lah”.

The motorcyclist can be seen going straight on another right-turn lane, posing a danger to  another motorcycle and a van.

Photo: YouTube screengrab / “Eski Schitzer”

The driver said the incident had been reported to the traffic police and the video submitted as evidence.


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ByHana O