Singapore — A condominium security guard has come under the spotlight after a video goes viral of him placing a resident’s food delivery order on the floor.

In the video, which was widely circulated on Friday (Dec 18), a food delivery rider can be seen placing the food at the security guard post of Bishan Park Condominium.

Referring to the plastic bag with food, the security guard tells the food delivery rider: “You put outside ah, okay?”

The rider places the bag on the window ledge of the security guard post and says: “Ah, you put outside, you put, ah. Ah, you put put put.”

“No, no, no, I don’t care. Okay, I don’t know, ah,” says the security guard, taking the plastic bag and placing it on the floor beside the security guard post.

The delivery rider films the entire incident and remarks just before the clip ends: “Like this ah? Wah your management like this, ah? Okay ah, put lah.”

There was mixed reaction online to the video. Some blamed the security guard for being rigid, while others blamed the resident who, despite knowing the rules, was not present to accept the delivery.

There were also those who blamed the condominium management for not placing a table for deliveries since delivery riders were not allowed into the premises. /TISG