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Maid says her employers reported her to MOM after a moneylender from the Philippines sent a letter; she asks if she can come back to work in SG again

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She used her work permit to borrow money from a Philippine moneylender, who then wrote to her employer for loan repayments

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper who ran into some money troubles took to social media asking how severe the consequences were and if she would be able to return to Singapore to work again.

In an anonymous post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid said wrote: “If you’re maid has a debt in Singapore and was reported to the MOM. Would she able to reapply and come back again?” She then asked if there were consequences she would have to face if she came back to Singapore or if she would be blacklisted as a helper altogether.

In the comments section, other helpers wanted to know if she had borrowed money from legal moneylenders or if she took money from unlicensed moneylenders.

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Here’s what they said:


The maid then clarified that she borrowed money from a moneylender in the Philippines and used her Work Permit (WP) to do so. The moneylender then sent a letter to her employer’s home in Singapore for her to make loan repayments.

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A foreign domestic helper who borrowed $3,000 from an external moneylender decided she did not want to pay the 10% administrative fee and hurled vulgarities at them.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook group for foreign domestic workers, the woman’s employer wrote in, adding that the loan agency harassed her for the amount. The employer wrote: “Hi, we have just found out today that our helper took a loan of 3k from an external money lender and refused to pay the 10% admin fee. Not only that, my helper hurled vulgarities at loan agency and the person at the agency called me to chase for that amount”.

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She added that she only found out her helper took a loan when the agency messaged her. “I’m in shock and upset that my helper never mentioned to me about such loan”, the woman wrote, saying that there was a possibility her maid might have also borrowed money from more than one source.

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“Also, the money lender is pestering me about the money she owed”, the employer wrote.

Maid borrows $3K from unlicensed moneylender and scolds them vulgarities; employer pestered by agency to pay back amount


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