Conservatives defending NFL player Harrison Butker for masculinity talk

Calls are mounting for Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to be fired after he delivered a controversial speech at Benedictine College, claiming that a woman’s most important role is as a “homemaker.” Butker, known for his conservative Catholic beliefs, also criticized the LGBTQ+ community and President Biden’s support for abortion rights. 

According to News Australia, the backlash was immediate, with the NFL distancing itself from his remarks and a petition demanding his release, now nearing 50,000 signatures. 

Critics have labeled his comments as misogynistic and harmful, sparking widespread outrage. GLAAD condemned Butker’s speech, emphasizing the need for athletes to promote understanding and acceptance rather than spreading divisive ideologies.

However, there is a growing support for Butker for his speech among the American conservatives. They feel that he is making sense with his speech for the most part, and many are in shock that an NFL player is brave enough to come out with said statement. 

Conservatives defending Harrison Butker, NFL player 


Additionally, the NFL condemning his speech has sparked a reaction from conservatives as they would always defend America as a “free speech” country. Furthermore, X users add that what Butker said was in the realms of free speech and he should not be condemned for what he said. 


Following that, many are happy to see an American man defending traditional values. It seems that the “woke” culture is extremely unpopular on social media platforms like X. But, feminists disagree with this idea as they feel that “toxic” men want things to go back to the old ways as they would be lost once a woman is independent. 

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