SINGAPORE: An entire family was infected with Covid-19 after a domestic helper failed to inform them that she was sick.

In a post by the administrator of a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, an employer said that her maid had Covid-19 but did not inform her or even wear a mask at home. Because of this, her family members fell sick. Only when her employer asked her to take an Antigen Rapid Test (ART), was it confirmed that the maid had Covid-19. Her employer and three children – with the youngest being 7 months of age – were all also infected with Covid-19.

The group admin added: “This post is to remind our members that if you are sick, please inform your employer and seek medical treatment. Do not keep quiet and regard it as a simple matter. Be a responsible helper to your employer’s family”.

Here’s what others in the group said:

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An employer who found out about her helper’s nighttime activities took to social media to ask whether she should keep or replace the latter.

In an anonymous post to a support group on social media, the employer wrote that her helper’s main task was to look after her baby. “After just a month, she spread the COVID-19 virus to my baby who just 3 months – she is the only house member who sick and I saw her coughing in front of baby without covering her mouth”, the employer wrote.

While the helper expressed remorse, the woman then found out her maid was posting TikTok videos while the child was hospitalised. “I just went to her TikTok profile and realise she posted video with bra only. I was a bit surprised to see that as she looks different from day time, she looks totally different from those Tim Tok (sic) video she posted. Once she entered her room at night time, she will not come to help us even though baby cry badly”, the woman wrote.

Maid films TikTok videos with her wearing only a bra, employer says helper spread Covid-19 to her baby as well