SINGAPORE: An employer who found out about her helper’s nighttime activities took to social media to ask whether she should keep or replace the latter.

In an anonymous post to a support group on social media, the employer wrote that her helper’s main task was to look after her baby. “After just a month, she spread the COVID-19 virus to my baby who just 3 months – she is the only house member who sick and I saw her coughing in front of baby without covering her mouth”, the employer wrote.

While the helper expressed remorse, the woman then found out her maid was posting TikTok videos while the child was hospitalised. “I just went to her TikTok profile and realise she posted video with bra only. I was a bit surprised to see that as she looks different from day time, she looks totally different from those Tim Tok video she posted. Once she entered her room at night time, she will not come to help us even though baby cry badly”, the woman wrote.

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She added that her maid had an attitude problem, where the helper would express her unhappiness whenever she was given instructions. “And she is being slow in her works too and cannot finish the tasks I asked her to do. Being slow is acceptable if she can do a good job, but she is slow and not doing the cleaning task properly”, the employer wrote.

In her post, the woman wanted to know if it was alright for her to tell her maid not to eat inside her room and wanted advice from netizens on whether she should keep or replace her helper.

Earlier this year, another frustrated employer of a foreign domestic helper took to social media complaining because her maid not only would scold her vulgarities on TikTok videos, but the helper would also “wear makeup at home, wear s*xy underwear, tiktok around the house and then she told us she cannot finish her duties because she has too many things to do”.

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In her anonymous post, the woman also wrote that her neighbour’s maid also said that her helper “has a Facebook with a lot of guys chatting. Her private life yes but she is also married with kids back in phillipines”.

The employer wrote that she had spoken to her maid over five times, asking her not to film TikToks in the house or even in her room as they were a private family. “It is ok for her to have a TikTok account and dance outside or with her friends. I don’t think I should control her use of TikTok outside. It’s none of my business. Just don’t do it in my house because we have pictures of the kids (we also don’t like guests)”, the woman wrote.

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Maid films herself in makeup and “s*xy underwear” and posts it on TikTok, then tells her employer she cannot finish her duties because she has too many things to do