SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper who was new to Singapore asked if she could change employers after only two weeks.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook group for domestic helpers, the maid wrote that she had only been with her employers for two weeks but wanted to change as she was unhappy with them. “Is it possible to terminate or end my contract with my employer and look for another job here in singapore? Can I have some advice, thank you”, she wrote in her post.

Netizens who commented on her post urged her to reflect on her job and reconsider her role as it had only been two weeks. They also asked if she had a valid reason for wanting a change after such a short period of time.

Maid says after working 3 months for her current employer, she wants to be transferred elsewhere

Last year, another foreign domestic helper took to social media asking for help after she decided that she wanted to be transferred from her current employers.

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In her post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid asked two questions. In her first question, she wrote that she wanted to be transferred to another employer even though she had only been working for three months with her current employer, and asked if this was possible.

In her second question, she asked if she needed release papers from her current employer in order to be transferred.

Her post led to other helpers commenting about their own situations and wanting to be transferred as well.

Another helper wrote that she too wanted to be transferred but adjusted because she needed to. She added that she had to share a room with boys aged 12 to 16. According to the maid website, “Employers should provide their workers with a separate room. If this is not possible, they must ensure that there is enough space and privacy (many families have their maids share a room with their children). Under no circumstance should workers share a room with someone of the opposite sex, unless it is a small child”.

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Despite her communicating this issue to her employers, she added that they ignored her.

Maid says she wants to end her contract after working for 5 months, asks if she will have to pay a fine