SINGAPORE — An employer took to social media after her maid cried because she had to share a room with the children.

In a Facebook comment on group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the employer shared that during the Covid-19 pandemic, her former maid begged her not to give up on her application as the family had to wait for eight months before she could come to Singapore from the Philippines. The employer wrote that she even loaned the maid money for her family’s expenses.

The family waited for the maid to come, only to have her cry on the day of her arrival “as she had to share room with our children. She wanted her own room and she wss (sic) upset that she did not have privacy. We live in a flat and we don’t have spare rooms and during pandemic one room had to be converted to an office – thus she had to share with my children”.

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The employer added: “The helper, however, used the handphone throughout and (sic) the night and kept laughing at tik toks and FBs posts and caused a total disturbance to my children”. This continued despite repeated warnings and the employer wrote that she and her family had to let the maid go.

She added that she was truly disappointed with the maid because she had helped her out even before she arrived in Singapore.

Earlier this week, a foreign domestic worker asked to sleep in the bomb shelter of her employer’s condominium wrote that she was “totally upset” by this.

In an anonymous post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid wrote that they had just moved into the condominium that her employers rented. She said that she was given the bomb shelter as her own room, with a curtain installed over the door.

The maid added that because of a lack of ventilation in the bomb shelter, she needed to leave the door open all the time.

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“My door only cover up with curtain, I feel like I got no privacy”, she wrote.

Other domestic helpers who commented on the post wrote that she was very entitled and should be thankful that she got her own space in the house. /TISG