SINGAPORE: As the travel season approaches, M1, a telecommunications provider, is gearing up to ensure its customers stay connected effortlessly during their holidays. Offering a range of user-friendly roaming plans,

M1 aims to cater to diverse travel needs while introducing enticing deals on their True 5G SIM-Only plans. Check out these M1 SIM-Only and Roaming Plans for your holiday travels:

Roaming Plans

M1 presents a trio of roaming plans designed to provide flexibility and affordability for travellers.

M1 Daily Passport

The M1 Daily Passport stands out with its pocket-friendly rates, offering 3GB of overseas mobile data for as low as S$2.95. Covering 74 destinations, including popular countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, this plan ensures travellers can stay connected without breaking the bank.

  • Plans:
    • Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke SIM-only, Bespoke Family
  • Destinations:
    • 74 destinations, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, UK, and more
  • Rates:
    • S$2.95 – S$7.95 per day
  • Key Benefits:
    • Tap on, tap off activation
    • Massive 3GB data for 24 hours
    • Affordable rates starting from S$2.95
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M1 Data Passport

For those seeking flexibility, the M1 Data Passport allows users to utilise their local data overseas. With plans starting from S$15 per destination and available in over 70 locations worldwide, this option caters to diverse travel preferences. The plan comes with easy activation, network lock protection to prevent bill shocks, and the ability to track usage via the My M1+ App.

  • Plans:
    • Available in over 70 destinations
  • Subscription:
    • Monthly, starting from S$15 per destination
  • Key Benefits:
    • Easy activation before or during the trip
    • Network Lock to prevent bill shocks
    • Usage tracking via My M1+ App
  • Single Destination Options:
    • S$15, S$35 (including USA, excluding Alaska and Guam)
  • Multiple Destinations:
    • S$35 ASEAN, $65 ASIA, $65 Europe Data Passport

M1 Unlimited Data Roaming

If looking for unlimited data, M1’s Unlimited Data Roaming plan offers users the freedom to roam without fretting over data limits. Priced at $15 per day, travellers can enjoy unlimited data in selected destinations, providing convenience, peace of mind, and protection from bill shocks.

  • Plans:
    • As low as S$15 per day
  • Key Benefits:
    • Convenient activation
    • No bill shock, unlimited data roaming
    • Protected by Network Lock
  • Destinations:
    • S$15 – Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, USA, and more
    • S$25 – Philippines, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Aircraft Satellite
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SIM-Only Plans

M1 SIM-Only Plans

In anticipation of the upcoming year, M1 has revealed mega deals on its True 5G SIM-Only plans, empowering users to do more while paying less. New sign-ups can now enjoy an additional 50GB of data, enhancing their connectivity at competitive rates:

  • Plans:
    • True 5G connectivity, affordable
  • Options:
    • 150GB for S$15.95/mth, 200GB for S$18.95/mth (limited time offer)
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Weekend Data, 1,100 mins talk time, 1,100 SMS
    • Exclusive Promotion: Free 12 months of FoneCare+ Lite with 200GB plan

Maxx SIM-Only Plans

M1 also introduces the Maxx SIM-Only Plan, offering up to 200GB of local data, 2GB of roaming data to select countries and a complimentary 60-day Viu Premium subscription for as low as S$14 a month. This plan ensures users have abundant data for their local and international needs, coupled with entertainment perks for an enhanced user experience.

  • Plans: No contracts, abundant data and minutes
  • Options:
    • S$14 – 200GB Local & 2GB Roaming (limited time offer)
    • S$18 – 200GB Local & 4GB Roaming (limited time offer)
    • S$10 – 20GB Local Data
  • Features:
    • Free Caller Number Display, Auto-renews every 30 days
    • Complimentary Viu Premium and Eazie TV
    • IDD and Roaming add-ons are available
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Explore M1’s SIM-Only and roaming plans to find the deal that suits you best. /TISG