Singaporeans’ love for queueing was once again highlighted on social media, this time for extra cheap durians.

The FairPrice Bedok outlet is offering a whole durian for S$0.90 instead of the usual S$5, attracting numerous interested customers willing to fall in line to snatch a presumably good deal.

A TikTok video by Yuen Liu showed snaking queues outside the market on April Saturday (Apr 23).

The promotion ends on Sunday (Apr 24) and only caters to the first 300 customers a day, starting from 10 am.

Each person is eligible for two durians per transaction which can be claimed at FairPricequeues at 212 Bedok North Street 1.

According to FairPrice, each durian weighs between 600g and 800, although it did not reveal the cultivar type.

The durians for sale are described as “regular or normal durian” with bittersweet flesh.

Members from the online community commented on the promotion, noting the quality of the fruit might not be worth the queueing.

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“Queue for quality, not quantity durian la. S$0.90 durian don’t think those hardcore durian lovers will go for it. Either overripe, which is too watery or too dry type,” said Facebook user Eric Cheng.

Another netizen noted, “Durian lovers buy the fruit based on taste and not price. Poor fellows.”

“S$0.90 durian grade, not that delicious just people like to queue what to do,” added Facebook user Chew Jessie.

Meanwhile, others expressed concern that the crowded area would spark a Covid-19 cluster.

“Well done! Fairprice, now is (not) the time to spike another wave just when our cases are coming down,” said a netizen./TISG



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