In a recent social media post, People’s Action Party (PAP) Sengkang East (Sengkang GRC) Branch Chairman Ling Weihong discussed residents’ concerns, saying that at the top of their list is the cost of living in Singapore.

On Tuesday (Nov 15), Mr Ling published a Facebook post where he discussed his recent house visits around Sengkang East. In his post, he shared the concerns of Singaporeans. “At our house visits yesterday evening, (the) cost of living remains the top concern for residents. Inflation has hit everyone’s pockets hard,” he wrote.

“People are looking forward to the support and cash payouts from the Government in the coming months,” wrote Mr Ling. “Some are asking for more to be done. That said, they also appreciate the practical realities of having to fund such support. They know money cannot come from nowhere.”

Mr Ling also wrote, “We will continue reflecting (on) (this) feedback and (these) concerns, and trying to find ways to help.”

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In recent news, the rise in prices from food to property has been the topic of discussion among many in Singapore. Paired with the expected Goods and Services Tax (GST) hike set to take place in Jan 2023, where the GST will be raised from seven per cent to eight per cent, prices have been a hot topic in Singapore as of late.

Back in Singapore’s 2020 General Elections, the nation’s opposition party, the Workers’ Party (WP) won Sengkang GRC, beating the PAP team to the prize in quite a close fight. While the WP won with 52.13 per cent of the votes, the PAP bagged 47.87 per cent.

The winning WP team consisted of He Ting Ru, Jamus Lim, Raeesah Khan, and Louis Chua Kheng Wee. They went up against the PAP’s Ng Chee Meng, Lam Pin Min, Amrin Amin, and Raymond Lye.