Based on SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) audit checks, Kaplan Professional’s Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) assessments have been found to be inconsistent with SSG’s guidelines for WSQ delivery. As a result, SSG has suspended Kaplan Professional as an approved training organisation.

The suspension covers a period of 12 months beginning July 1. Throughout this period, all its WSQ courses will not be funded by SSG.

SSG did not elaborate what the lapses that were committed by Kaplan Professional consisted of.

In responding to Channel News Asia questions, Kaplan Singapore admitted that after it had carried out its own review subsequent to the SSG audit, it discovered that several of its trainers had adopted assessment practices that were not in compliance with SSG’s standards.

“We accept and will comply with the requirements of SSG in the matter,” said Associate Professor Rhys Johnson, chief operating officer and provost of Kaplan Singapore.

“We are disappointed that such instances occurred despite a rigorous programme implemented over past months aimed at ensuring such non-compliance could not occur for WSQ courses,” he added.

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“We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause impacted learners.”

In March 2019, SSG conducted investigations into its delivery of other WSQ courses and found “serious lapses” by the training provider.

“SSG takes a serious view of any individual, training provider or organisation which does not adhere to our guidelines for WSQ delivery, and will not hesitate to act against those who contravene our guidelines,” said the agency.

“This is necessary to maintain the quality of WSQ courses.”

SSG is the agency that coordinates and implements the national SkillsFuture movement that provides Singaporeans with opportunities for training and lifelong learning.