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It was not a ‘fire rainbow’ but just a weird cloud – are some Christians disappointed?




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Some Christians in Singapore have linked a ‘fire rainbow’ which was visible in many parts of Singapore on 20 Feb with divine approval of Singapore’s close ties with Israel. The Meteorological Services Singapore (MSS) however has now confirmed that it was not a rainbow but just an iridescent cloud – a thin layer cloud formed when a humid layer of air above a low-level cumulus cloud is pushed upwards by the cotton-ball shaped cloud growing and rising.

The multi-coloured cloud arises from the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in high-level cirrus clouds, MSS clarified.

Some Christians in Singapore had earlier suggested that the appearance of the fire rainbow which coincided with the first visit of a head of government from Israel in over 2 decades, is a sign of divine approval of close ties between Singapore and Israel.


It is unclear if these Christians would now be disappointed that it is not a ‘fire cloud’ but just some sort of weird cloud.

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