The Google Pixel 3 came out just last week, a plus-laden smartphone that could very well pose a threat to the iPhone XS, which was just released last month.

The Pixel 3 boasts of some impressive new features, such as wireless charging, a notched display, and all around more sleek and sophisticated appearance, among other new features.

Let’s put the two phones side by side and see how each one measures up.

Price points first, the Pixel 3 starts at S$1249, while the iPhone XS starts at S $1,649.

Score one for Google’s phone for being more economical.

Next, let’s talk size. The iPhone XS is slightly smaller, at 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm, while the Pixel 3 is 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9mm. However, the display on the iPhone XS is actually bigger, at 147.32 mm, versus Pixel 3’s 147.32 mm screen size.

But when it comes to weight, the Pixel 3 has the advantage, being definitely lighter at 148 grams, as opposed to the iPhone XS’s 177 grams.

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So far, when it comes to size and weight, it’s a tie.

Now, for all the photo buffs out there, let’s check out storage. We’re tempted to hand this round to Apple, since the iPhone has more choices, with 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. The Pixel 3 only comes in 64 GB and 128 GB.

But wait, you get cloud unlimited storage with Google Photos, but have to buy more storage on the iCloud after 5GB.

So, another tie for this round!

Speaking of photo buffs, we should check out the cameras on both phones. While Pixel 3’s rear camera is better than iPhone XS’s, the Apple phone has two lenses in its rear camera, while the Pixel 3 only has one. They both have 2-megapixel lens, optical image stabilization, and portrait mode.

Why do we say that Pixel 3’s phone is better? Because of these new features. Instead of a flash, it has “Night Sight” for photos taken in low light. “Photobooth mode” takes your photos automatically when you make a funny face or smile. “Portrait mode” comes with upgraded editing features for depth of field, muting colors, changing the object of focus, etc. “Super Res Zoom” does just that, keeps the resolution sharp even if you zoom in.

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Chalk up another point for the Pixel 3.

As for front-facing cameras, both phones have excellent features. Apple’s phone has a 7-megapixel selfie camera that has portrait lighting and portrait-mode selfies with adjustable background blurring, and a fun feature is the ability to make Animojis and Memojis.

Google’s camera has 2 8-megapixel lenses, one wide-angle, one regular. For group selfies, the wide angle lens is a winner. You can also do portrait-mode selfies with the Pixel 3.

Next, let’s talk appearance, where we get yet another tie, since both phones have three colors. You can choose between “just black,” “clearly white,” and “not pink” for Google’s Pixel 3, and space gray, silver, and gold for the iPhone XS.

More features where the two phones are neck and neck are with wireless charging, water resistance and the absence of a headphone jack.

Our verdict: Google’s Pixel 3 will definitely give Apple’s iPhone XS a run for its money. For someone who wants to avail of more high-tech features at a lower cost, the Pixel 3 is a winner in our book.