SINGAPORE: A grateful employer took to social media asking for advice on what to gift her helper for Christmas.

In an anonymous post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the woman who was a first time employer said that her maid was from the Philippines. “I understand Christmas in Philippines is a huge festival, in addition to sending more money than usual months back to my helper’s hometown, what should I get for her for Christmas?” she wrote.

She added that she and her family were really appreciative of the help and time her helper dedicated to them the past five months, “and would like to get her smth for her first Christmas with us but don’t know what we should get, other than giving her more money”. She asked others in the group for suggestions and advice.

An administrator in the group suggested: “Bless your kind heart. If asking your helper what she wants for Christmas is not an option, then get to know your helper better, e.g. her hobbies n likes. My employer knows that I love to read books so she buy books with my fav Authors as gifts. Other gifts I received is ticket for 2 for bird paradise, some jewelries, but the best gift is a return ticket to Philippines. Although it’s nice to celebrate Christmas her, with all the fancy decorations, good food n stuff, but nothing beats celebrating with family back home.

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However, your helper is quite new so don’t set the standard too high or she will have high expectations in the years to come. Start with an extra cash and/or little something she could use like perfume, or gold jewelry. Many of us, Filipinos, like gold jewelry. But what’s important is your sincerity and kind thoughts. So anything that comes from the heart is good”.

Another wrote: “God bless you and your family always.So nice to hear employer being considerate and understand the importance of this occasion to us. Giving her more money than usual is actually more than a gift to her but also to her family coz after sending it home her family will be delighted too. Maybe you won’t understand but by knowing that we made our family happy in this festive season is enough thoughts for us to be more than happy even we cannot celebrate it with them.And so for the rest, Maybe you can let her go to church and call back home and join christmas celebration with friends”. /TISG