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SINGAPORE: A worker recently turned to Singaporeans for career advice, asking if he should look for another job if his pay isn’t increased despite the GST hike.

The online user took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group: “My company increment is four per cent of the basic pay since I join(ed) six years ago,” he said before stating, “(I’m) wondering if they will pay the same four per cent again despite (the) GST increase. If not, (should I) find another job? What do you all think?”

A handful responded to the man’s post, some encouraging him to leave his current job, while others shared other factors to consider.

“It really depends on how well your company is doing,” said one.

Another wrote, “Stay 5 to 8 years at a company, make sure to have good performance and show interest in learning new things, than if (there is) no progress, use your new skills to move to another company to earn more. Keep repeating.”

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However, others encouraged the man to work elsewhere, with one saying, “Just find another job. Nobody became a CEO because they worked in the company for 10 years. You need to look after yourself as you’re merely a number to your company.”

One or two, however, pointed out that at least the man has a job.

GST up in 2024

The new year has brought about a fresh perspective, new opportunities, and… the second stage of the GST hike.

On Jan 1, 2024, the Goods and Services Tax was raised from eight to nine per cent. This came as the second increase of the government’s plan, announced in the 2022 budget, to raise the GST from seven to one per cent in two stages.

Naturally, the rise in this tax has brought about another period where people get accustomed to the effects of the hike, from the cost of food to how Singaporeans navigate their personal budgeting due to the GST increase.

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In just two days since the GST was raised to nine per cent, multiple posts on the Complaint Singapore group have already stirred up conversation about the increase in prices and how Singaporeans will navigate the changing economic landscape.

Even a product as simple as Old Chang Kee curry puffs has gotten people talking about how much prices have changed after an online user shared a photo of the popular snack sold for $2.

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Advice for people considering changing jobs

According to My Careers Future, an initiative by Workforce Singapore, you should consider a couple of points before resigning from your current job.

These include securing your financial stability and doing your due diligence by looking into the market outlook. You must also carefully weigh the pros and cons and think twice about resigning, especially if there are more benefits to staying in your current job.

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It is also important to consider your goals as well as your health.

While the decision is yours, it won’t hurt to consider these things and cover your bases before making the big decision.

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