Singapore — A group of about 30 cyclists taking up two lanes has gone viral on social media, sparking road safety concerns among netizens.

According to a video uploaded by Facebook page on Sunday (Sept 5), cyclists occupied the two lanes along Jalan Bahar earlier that morning.

The 51-second video clip shows footage taken from a vehicle behind the cyclists.

As the vehicle approached the cyclists, it was heard honking at the group as a warning.

A few cyclists were then seen changing lanes from the middle to the left lane, so the vehicle could pass.

Photo: FB screengrab/

However, more cyclists were spotted further down the road, hogging two lanes.

Photo: FB screengrab/

The vehicle honks once more yet was forced to take the rightmost lane as there was too many in the group to fit one lane.

Photo: FB screengrab/

With over 93,000 views and 780 comments, members from the online community wondered if it was time to address this ongoing issue.

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“These cyclists may have been irresponsible and inconsiderate. A single lane is wide enough for two cyclists,” said Facebook user Wins Goh.

“They should be mature enough to think of how to cycle properly at the left and not showing off how big a group they are, and they can do what they like. Safety always comes first. Furthermore, their group is big, and no social distancing observed.”

Facebook user Danny Quek expressed anger at the video and said, “I am both a driver on the roads (and an) avid cyclist at park connectors. Seeing this video makes my blood boil. Hogging the roads like they own it, oblivious to the traffic behind?!”

Others noted that this incident would occur regularly.

“It happened every weekend and been ongoing for years and getting worst. Should see how much nuisance they create when they turned into Kranji way, which is a single lane with lots of heavy vehicles. TP just simply not doing their job,” said Facebook user Steven Tor P H. /TISG

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ByHana O