Responding to TISG’s queries, a spokesperson from Shopee said via email,  “We thank the user for sharing her experience with us. We have investigated the incident and have reached out to the user to resolve her concern. We will continue to improve our processes to make online shopping more enjoyable for everyone.”

Shopee has also already reached out to the buyer to resolve the issue.


SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to air her grievance against online shopping platform Shopee after she was asked to return an item that she says she never received.

Ms Regina Soh wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on May 22 (Monday) that she had been refused a refund by Shopee because the company said it had Proof of Delivery (POD) that the item had been delivered.

“The seller split my single order into 2 shipments so I had one shipment tagged to the original order and 1 other shipment tagged to a new order,” Ms Soh explained. But she received only one of the shipments, she received.

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When she filed a request for a refund, Shopee asked for the item that had not been delivered to her.

She stated this in an email to Shopee, but, unfortunately, it did not get her very far.

“The email experience was worse – each time a different person handled my reply and did not understand the situation. Some even say the 2nd shipment they saw was a replacement order from the seller and wanted to close my refund request.

“Then they sent me a POD, which in my opinion, was a weak evidence on their side, and proceeded to cancel my request,” she said.

Ms Soh argued that since the company asks for evidence from customers to back up their requests for returns and refunds, she believes it’s only fair that she also asks for evidence that their delivery staff attempted to contact her or sent her a photo that they left her order outside her home when no one was there to receive it.

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She added a screenshot of the email she received from Shopee.

They have to understand that without us consumers, there won’t be Shopee. Their business is a network effect. No buyers, no sellers. No sellers, no buyers.

Why do we have to play by Shopee’s playbook?

Now, to me, it’s not even about getting the money back. It’s a small sum. It’s about doing my best to make things right for myself. It’s easy to let the matter rest but that is letting Shopee get away easy too. I’m sure there are many others like me, getting shut out by Shopee or some other players with no other way to fight back.

Seems like consumers are always at the unfair end.”

Ms Soh added that Shopee once processed her refund request in the past because she had an item that she could return.

“Now that I don’t have an item to ship back, there is no case for review?  I think Shopee has a basic responsibility to ensure their customers received their item or at the very least, demonstrate that an effort was made to inform Customers of their delivery,” she wrote.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Soh and to Shopee for further comment.


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