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‘His “kuku bird” was out’ — Kids tell their mum about man exposing himself; she then calls the police

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“He’s wearing pants, but his kuku bird (male genitals) is out,” the child told his mum

SINGAPORE: Kids say the darnedest things, as the saying goes, but when one woman’s kids told her they saw a man exposing himself, she did something about it.

A TikTok user who goes by @schastarzshasha on the platform posted a video on her account on Thursday (July 27) of her children’s encounter with a flasher.


Kuku Bird Flasher😂 #CapCut #fypシ #fyp #singapore #mumsoftiktok #fypシ゚viral #predatoralert

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She wrote in her video that she brought her kids out to a shop and usually takes a video when they are out.

When they got home on the upper levels of their building, her kids drew her attention to a man on the ground floor among a flock of birds.

She can be heard asking, “That guy? He didn’t close his pants?”

A child’s voice then answers her, saying, “He’s wearing pants, but his kuku bird (male genitals) is out.”

The mum sounded slightly taken aback when she said, “His kuku bird is out, ok,” but quickly regained presence of mind and called the non-emergency police hotline.

Later, two uniformed officers are seen walking toward where the man had been. One of the TikTok user’s children says, “Oh he’s going to go to jail”, as the other one giggles.

Fortunately, the children don’t appear to have been traumatized by the occurrence.

In April, the TikToker, who lives in Redhill, called her estate the “scariest neighbourhood” after two men allegedly stalked her and her daughter.

She said that she usually takes their daughter to school, but one morning, her husband took her on his motorbike while she walked with their younger child.

“I was approached by a male rider asking me whether do I know him and he stays near my blk (block). He said his name was Sathiya. And eh saw me for a long time and knew where we stayed,” the TikTok user added, posting a photo of the rider with his back toward the camera.

But “luckily” her husband came just then and confronted the man.

Read more about that encounter here. /TISG

TikToker says she lives in ‘scariest neighbourhood’ after two men allegedly stalk her & her daughter at Redhill

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