SINGAPORE:  Mr Frankie Yee is a teacher with a very big heart.

The lecturer, who’s been in education for 27 years, sold his retirement home in Genting—his dream home—just to give six young boys $150,000 so they could pursue their dreams of getting a higher education in Australia.

The boys are from a nation in Central Asia, a place Mr Yee calls one of the poorest countries in the world.

In an interview with YouTuber Mave Mason, who also used to be one of Mr Yee’s students, he shared the full story.

Mr Yee told his host that he saw the boys’ conviction in getting a good education so their families could also have a better life.

“I wanted to give the boys a fighting chance in life to break through the vicious cycle of poverty,” he says.

In Singapore, they worked to pay for their school expenses, attended classes, plus sent home money to their families.

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In his desire to help the boys, he tried to raise money among his friends. Unfortunately, not everyone is as generous as Mr Yee is.

But incredibly, he sold his Genting home to help them make their dreams come true.

And now, he has to work very hard, as his 60th birthday isn’t very far away, to save up all over again.

Although some of the boys promised to buy back the house Mr Yee had sold to finance their education, the teacher says that the only thing he wants is for the boys to be successful, knowing that as this happens, their children and then their children’s children, will enjoy better lives as well.

“Till now I have no regrets, even though my bank account is almost down to nothing,” he said; just the thought of the six boys having a better future makes him feel that everything is all worth it. /TISG

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