SINGAPORE: Singapore tops global youth development, according to the latest Global Youth Development Index Report released by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The report, which measures the progress of youth development across 183 countries, highlights Singapore’s exceptional performance across various domains.

According to TODAY, Singapore clinched the top spot worldwide in two crucial domains: health and well-being, as well as peace and security. However, the nation faced challenges in political and civic participation, where it ranked 100th globally.

The Youth Development Index serves as a vital tool for tracking progress towards sustainable development goals related to youth development.

It provides valuable insights for researchers, policymakers, and civil societies, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted interventions.

Although “it is not a definitive diagnosis or situation analysis of each country’s policies or programmes… it is an indication of collective progress or decline towards ensuring that young people are not left behind in the pursuit of the sustainable development goals,” the report stated.

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Singapore’s overall score of 0.868 places it within the “very high” band of youth development. Denmark (0.862) and Portugal (0.848) followed closely behind, securing the second and third positions respectively.

Ten highest-ranking countries, YDI 2023
Photo: The Commonwealth

Notably, Singapore’s performance outshines other Commonwealth nations, with Malta joining the global top 10 alongside Singapore.

Also, Singapore is the only Asian or Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member state within the top 10 rankings.

South Korea (0.824) secured 16th place globally in the Asia-Pacific region. Following closely behind, Brunei (0.810) and New Zealand (0.810) shared the 27th spot, while Malaysia (0.802) attained 35th place.

In terms of individual domains, Singapore demonstrated remarkable achievements across various areas.

It attained a “very high” score in education (0.930), employment and opportunity (0.958), equality and inclusion (0.973), health and well-being (0.972), as well as peace and security (0.960).

However, the nation encountered challenges in political and civic participation (0.324), scoring “very low.” /TISG

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