SINGAPORE: Seeing as his friend is engaged to a Thai lady of questionable character, a man took to Reddit to ask the community for their thoughts and advice.

“I wouldn’t really be concerned if it were just that but he accidentally let it slip that she’s used up most of his life savings (close to 100k) and she’s been accessing his money without asking him,” he wrote.

“… and now they’re planning on getting married. Honestly, we were all shocked when he broke the news,” he added.

This leads the man to suspect that his friend might be under some kind of spell because he refuses to end his relationship with her and cannot explain “why he is still with her and wants to marry her.”

He then asked, “How do I tell if kena gong tao? And if he did, what can I do about it?”

“As a friend, you can just be there for him when he crashes and burns”

In the comments section, a few Redditors advised the man to ask around at temples or speak with elderly people to find out whether his friend’s relationship resulted from black magic and to see if they could remove the spell.

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One Redditor suggested, “Verify it is the case by checking aura, behaviour change, and unprecedented actions.

Get help from a reputable medium in Singapore who can break the spell. If none exist, seek help from overseas mediums in Malaysia or Thailand.

Older generation folks attuned to spiritualism or Taoism could help out if asked. Regardless of religion and beliefs, black magic does exist in this world.”

However, several other Redditors told the man that his friend was not enchanted or under any mystical influence but was merely making decisions impulsively, driven by his desires rather than rational thinking.

They predicted that she would likely leave him once the woman had exhausted his friend’s life savings.

One Redditor said, “Don’t worry. She already used up most of his savings. When she use up all of his life savings, she’ll dump him. Should be soon.”

Another commented, “If he can accidentally let 100k slip I think just continue to let him bang the wall and let him lose everything and the girl in the process. As a friend, you can just be there for him when he crashes and burns.”

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Others pointed out that “Gong Tao” was not real and was merely used as an excuse by people who were ashamed to admit their foolishness.

One Redditor stated, “Gongtao is an excuse used by simps to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Easier to admit “I was put under a black magic spell” than ‘I spent my life savings on a woman and received nothing in return.’”

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