SINGAPORE: Singapore-based journalist Kris LeBoutillier wrote on Business Insider to reveal why business leaders think Singapore is where one can “make a real difference.”

According to the 2023 World Happiness Report, Singaporeans’ quality of life is among the best worldwide, ranking 25th as the happiest country in the world. And recently, it also ranked at the top as the most liveable city for Asian expats for 10 years in a row. These factors, among others, make Singapore a “fantastic place to live.”

Singapore offers “far beyond just professional growth”

For Steven Bartholomeusz, who made Singapore his home in 2008, the city-state has been a stepping stone for career growth. Working at Neste, a producer of renewable fuels, Bartholomeusz notes that Singapore provides some of the best opportunities in the region.

With four career changes since he lived in Singapore, he said, “each time it has been a step up to a more senior position with larger regional or global responsibility, culminating in the head of public affairs role for the entire Asia-Pacific (APAC) region at Neste.”

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The strategic location, great connectivity, developed infrastructure, and a stable political environment make it a global business hub and an enriching environment for global talent.

José Pedro Borges, head of people partners for the APAC region at EDP Renewables, echoes this sentiment.

Transitioning from Lisbon to Singapore, Borges found the move “a transformative experience that extends far beyond just professional growth”, citing Singapore’s quality business network as a significant draw.

He said, “This change represented an incredible opportunity from personal and professional perspectives. It has allowed me to immerse myself in a new region, fostering an exciting journey of learning, discovery, and cultural alignment.”

Singapore offers sustainability and provides “not only career advancement but a holistic living experience”

Singapore is where professionals can drive meaningful change. Maya Hari, CEO at Terrascope, a decarbonisation startup, boldly integrated her passion for technology with climate action.

According to Hari, this transition was only possible because of Singapore’s prominence as a hub for sustainability. Companies like Terrascope, Neste, and EDPR believe Singapore can partner with them to be a force for good.

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As José Pedro Borges said, “In Singapore, you don’t just build a career. You embrace a way of life that’s dynamic, diverse, and truly fulfilling.”

He also stated: “Singapore’s proactive positioning on sustainability goals aligns seamlessly with the values of professionals seeking not only career advancement but a holistic living experience.”

Beyond career, Singapore offers many housing options, a safe environment, wide public transport reach, and lifelong friends

Beyond career opportunities, the high standard of living is a compelling factor that has kept expatriates rooted in Singapore.

The city-state offers a wealth of housing options, a public transportation system covering most of the island, a safe environment, and, most importantly, a multicultural environment that makes it “easy to make lifelong friends” with people from all around the world.

Bartholomeusz, a father of three girls, shares he appreciates that Singapore is an “extremely safe environment” that gives him a “sense of reassurance.”

Additionally, Singapore provides ample opportunities for pursuing hobbies and passions. Maya Hari, for instance, has become a skilled urban farmer, transforming a challenge to grow her family’s food into a love for gardening.

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For José Pedro Borges and his family, the move to Singapore was initially daunting but turned out to be immensely rewarding.

He encapsulates the essence of living in Singapore: “In Singapore, you don’t just build a career. You embrace a way of life that’s dynamic, diverse, and truly fulfilling.”

Business leaders love Singapore not just for the great career opportunities but also because they found an awesome quality of life and diverse lifestyle. /TISG

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