Singapore ranked no. 1 as most livable city for expats

SINGAPORE: Although Singaporeans are struggling with rising living costs, it seems Singapore is still ‘the most livable city’ among expats.

“With excellent infrastructure and facilities, low crime rates and little exposure to socio-political tensions, Singapore remains a very attractive location for expatriates. However, other locations in the region have improved, and the gap between Singapore and other locations has fallen,” says ECA’s General Manager for Asia, Mark Harrison.

According to a global mobility specialist ECA International report, Singapore continues to shine as the top choice for Asian expatriates, holding the prestigious title of the ‘Most Liveable City’ for its 10th consecutive year, Must Share News reports.

The firm’s annual Location Ratings system, released on Jan 17, evaluates over 500 locations worldwide, helping expatriates gauge the quality of living in potential new homes.

Despite its undisputed reign, Singapore faces rising competition, particularly from Tokyo, which surged from 9th place in 2013 to secure the 2nd spot in the recent rankings.

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Japan’s recovery from the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake played a pivotal role in Tokyo’s ascent.

Cities in Mainland China, including Shenzhen, Xian, and Wuhan, have also made strides, thanks to improved living conditions in areas such as transport infrastructure and international schooling.

The limelight in Singapore also dims when considering local sentiments.

Tan Yh Liang comments, “It’s most livable for Asian expats and not for local Singaporeans. Locals can move to JB or migrate and come back as Asian expats.”

FY Whec added, stating, “Livable also means most expensive.”

Daisy Lai chimed in saying, “Yes, we may have low crime rate but when crime happens, it will be super big.”

Lim KP added, “I would like to migrate to JB, but it is almost impossible to obtain a PR as a Chinese.”

Amidst Singapore’s global praise, locals spill the tea – it’s an expat hotspot but not very much for locals. /TISG

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