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Employer sends domestic helper on surprise 15-day holiday, at the end of it they tell her not to come back as they have another helper

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Helper could report employer to MOM for failure to compensate her if contract includes such a clause, says support group admin

SINGAPORE: A domestic helper took to social media feeling rather cheated after her employer suddenly decided to cancel her Work Permit (WP).

In a post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, a group admin shared the situation. He wrote that the employer sent her maid on a 15-day holiday with a return ticket given to her. She complied and went on vacation fully expecting to come back to her job in Singapore. However, the maid shared that when it was time for her to return, her employer said that they did not need her anymore and added that they had found another helper.

In his post, the group admin wrote: “the employer told the helper few days before her departure to Spore to continue working that her contract is terminated without notice”. 

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He added that on the maid’s part, she could report her employer to the Manpower Ministry (MOM) for failure to compensate her termination period but this was only if such a clause existed in her contract. He added that there was nothing further she could do as her Work Permit had likely been cancelled so she could not come back to Singapore either.

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Here’s what others in the group said:

 Earlier this year, a maid who was on her way back after her contract ended asked her employer for a flight ticket to her vacation destination.

Worried that this may cause problems for them, her employer took to a support group on social media asking netizens for advice.

The employer wrote: “Hi All, my helper is going back to her own country as she couldn’t find a new employer in 1 month notice period”. She continued that her maid was asking for a ticket to “some other place which is not her hometown” but explained that the vacation destination was still in the maid’s country of origin. The maid told her employer that her family would be meeting her at the vacation destination.

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“My concern is will that create any problem for us? Or we can just cancel her pass the day she leaves Singapore,” the employer asked.

After her contract ends, maid wants a ticket to another location that isn’t her hometown, employer asks if this will cause any problems

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