Mrs Soh holding a wedding portrait of her and her husband.

SINGAPORE: The passing of a Grab driver in Singapore, Mr Soh, has sparked attention and concern after his family received a letter from Grab demanding almost S$1,900 in outstanding fees.

Mr Soh, the driver with just S$16 in his bank account, suddenly passed away on May 9.

According to Must Share News, Mr Soh, a 59-year-old private hire driver who had been working with Grab for nearly a decade, was found unconscious in his bathroom by his wife, Mrs Soh, on the morning of his passing.

Despite efforts to revive him, he was pronounced dead at the hospital due to pneumonia and heart disease.

The ordeal didn’t end there for the grieving family. Twelve days after Mr Soh’s demise, a letter arrived from Grab insisting on the payment of nearly S$1,900 in outstanding fees.

These charges encompassed various expenses related to Mr Soh’s vehicle, including rental, repair, towing, and early termination fees.

Mrs Soh, who found her husband slumped over the toilet bowl with blood coming from his mouth, was distraught by the letter, particularly given the dire financial situation her husband had been in before his passing.

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With only S$16.16 remaining in his bank account, the family had hoped for some leniency from Grab.

Upon being contacted by Must Share News, Grab confirmed its policy of waiving outstanding GrabRental charges for drivers who have passed away.

A spokesperson from Grab assured that they are in touch with Mr Soh’s next of kin and have committed to waiving the remaining fees for the family.

The spokesperson conveyed their condolences, stating:

We are sorry to hear about Mr Soh’s passing,” emphasising that it is standard practice for the platform to waive car rental fees for drivers who have passed on upon receiving the necessary documentation, such as the death certificate. /TISG

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