SINGAPORE: A woman shared online that she is torn about keeping her inheritance a secret from her boyfriend.

In her post on Reddit, she explained that she received a large sum of money from her late aunt last year but hasn’t told her boyfriend of 3 years about it yet since she’s afraid “that things might go south.”

“I wasn’t sure if it was legit so I didn’t tell anyone except my mum.”

The woman expressed feeling guilty and conflicted about not sharing this news, especially since her boyfriend has always been completely honest and upfront with her about everything, including his finances.

However, her mum thought it would be best to keep this a secret since her boyfriend had no plans to marry or have kids.

She feared that her boyfriend might suddenly change his mind and propose to her or, worse, impregnate her to access her money.

“My mum also said to put everything for my siblings in case I were to pass. And I did that. So now I’m wondering should I ever tell him? I feel like it’s weird not to considering we plan on living together,” she continued.

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“Not being honest when he is makes me feel and look bad. Also my bf said while he doesn’t want to get married if he did it he’d never sign a prenup. He feels like morally those are wrong.”

“If he doesn’t intend to marry you, it’s not his business how much money you have.”

In the discussion thread, many Redditors agreed with her mum and advised her never to tell anyone, not even her boyfriend, about her inheritance since “money changes people.”

One Redditor said, “If he doesn’t intend to marry you, it’s not his business how much money you have.

And if you do tell him, and he ends up proposing, how are you ever going to be sure he really means it and isn’t just trying to get your money?

Your mum’s right, don’t tell him about the money until you’re engaged.”

Another commented, “I’d wait until you are 100% sure this guy is someone you want a future with and get engaged (assuming you want that). Also, make sure you get a prenuptial.”

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Others proposed using this as a test for her boyfriend to see if he would change or act differently after she tells him about the inheritance. Still, others encouraged her to be honest with her boyfriend.

They suggested that she could at least inform him that she inherited money from her late aunt without specifying the exact amount received and emphasize that the inheritance is hers alone.

One Redditor said, “It has to be up to you, not your mum. I believe telling him is the only way to ensure it doesn’t destroy your relationship later.

If you decide not to tell him and he somehow finds out, expect him to be furious. I’d imagine how you would feel if he did find out elsewhere – it would likely destroy the trust in your relationship.”

Another remarked, “Tell him. It’s the right thing to do.”

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