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German TikToker says she can’t go back home after tasting KFC in SG

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As the German national praised KFC in the country, netizens however were quite negative and disbelieving in their statements about the fast food chain

SINGAPORE: There are people who like KFC, and then there are people who love the US-based chicken brand so much that they make TikTok videos about it.

A German woman is firmly in the latter category, appearing to appreciate KFC in Singapore so much that she says she can’t go back home “after trying the KFC” in Singapore.

The video from the TikTok user, who goes by @chiaciek on the platform, has since gone viral, getting over 67,000 views since she posted it earlier this month.


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The clip of @chiaciek enjoying her KFC has also gotten over 150 comments, although not everyone seems to agree with her.

“The kfc is the lowest amongst other chains…. So Idk what yall eating back there,” wrote one netizen.

But maybe size matters, based on the TikTok user’s reply to one commenter.

Another netizen, however, was ready to defend the honor of KFC in Malaysia, writing, “kfc malaysia : hold my chicken bucket please.”

And some commenters wholeheartedly agreed.

A less-than-satisfied KFC Singapore customer, however, wrote, “The only good thing about the KFC here are the cheese fries though.”

But one was amazed at all the negativity, writing, “I’m seriously taken aback by the almost 99.9999% negative feedback of the kfc here in sg … While it takes a foreigner to appreciate the franchise here.”

Still, in Singapore, the land where good food is king, another netizen argued, “just cos kfc in europe is really bad, it does not magically make kfc here taste great. it is still one of the worse fast food chains.”

One even decided to rank chicken fast-food brands, writing that Jolllibee is number one while ranking KFC last.

It may have been the cheese fries that the TikTok user was raving about, after all, rather than the chicken.


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